5 Startup Mistakes We Made That You Can Avoid

October 6, 2020

3 min

1. Delegate.

If you’re more than a one man crew, utilize your team’s strengths early on and build on them. Even if you feel like you yourself can handle it all, that should be an asset to your ability to teach, not to do everything. Everyone thinks they can’t burn out until they do and ultimately, no super successful business is run individually by one man/woman.

2. Perfectionism is an asset and a liability.

Going the extra mile to create the perfect product, or write the perfect post can set your business apart in a good way. But spending too much time editing the little things can make you miss your window, slow down other important areas and often end up being glanced over by the customer anyway.

3. Don’t be afraid of the hustle.

When things get tough, whether it be financially or development-wise or whatever the weight is at the time, this is often the moment to sharpen your skills during crunch time. Nothing monumental ever gets done when there’s no reason to push the pedal.

4. Don’t dwell on how you want your business to go, let your customers decide.

If you’re like us, we always have a vision in mind for the perfect scenario, the perfect product, marketing material and so on. We often forget that the market decides what’s good and bad, not us. Create with the best quality and intention, and adapt it to how your clients react.

5. Launch already.

This is a huge concept we’ve both seen and done ourselves countless times. It’s very easy to get stuck in the “development” period forever because nothing is at stake. You think you haven’t failed yet because your business/product hasn’t launched. That cycle in and of itself can destroy your team’s progress. It’s important to plan things out, set realistic timelines and expectations for your group, and execute when it’s time.

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