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At Fairway Inc, we are committed to providing quality web design services at reasonable prices. We believe that all Edmonton and area businesses deserve a stunning and purpose-driven website, and we strive to make it accessible to all by keeping our prices affordable.

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Pricing out a website can often be a difficult process. Freelance designers can be a cheap option, but regularly lack the quality most businesses expect, while large agencies make it impossible for small businesses to get online in an effective AND affordable way.

At Fairway, we do things differently. We have the experience and tools to build beautiful, functional, high-ranking websites at an extremely competitive rate. Get an Instant, Transparent Website Design Quote below, and talk to us today to lock in your price.

Have questions about pricing out your Edmonton website?

Below are a few frequently asked questions about website pricing from other local Edmonton businesses.

What should a website cost in Edmonton in 2023?
What goes into determining the price of a website?
What if I have a website that needs a refresh?
What is website hosting?

What should a website cost in Edmonton?

What are the pricing factors?

Designing, developing and launching a website is a big step for a business. It takes a lot of commitment, due-diligence and time, far more if you're building it yourself. You can save a lot of time and ensure a quality website design by hiring a qualified team.

Pricing out a website relies on a few factors. Typically design time (based on hours), the complexity of the project and how the content is developed (statically or dynamically) play varying roles in determining the cost.

Check out these two articles that break down what you should expect to pay when hiring a web developer, as well as what goes into determining the price.