Expert Website Design For Automotive Companies

Mechanics and automotive companies need a website that demonstrates their quality, highlights their trustworthiness, and drive leads to their door... enter Fairway, you're automotive-first web designers.

Helping Automotive Businesses Compete With The Big Guys

We work with mechanic and autobody repair professionals that want to look the part and drive traffic to their doorstep (or garage).


Website Design

Building excellent websites starts with experience. Our expertise building websites for the automotive industry helps us build quality websites that your clients expect to see. Easy navigation, a mobile-friendly experience and a high Google ranking are top of mind for any automotive website.

Website Approval

Making sure you're 100% satisfied with your new website is our top priority. We keep you informed and part of the design process along the way. At several stages throughout development, our team will send you progress links to view where we're at with your website design.


Website Launch

Once the design is complete, pages are mobilized and you and your business are happy and ready to launch - our team will begin our pre-launch checklist to ensure a smooth launching and/or migration. Once we're set, we'll attach your domain and launch your new website design to the internet!


Designing Websites For Automotive Technicians

At Fairway, we develop and manage websites for automotive companies that want more than simply a "nice website". They need to not only look impressive, but trustworthy too - and most of all, your website needs to drive leads to your door step.

Building User-Friendly
Mobile Designs For Automotive Shops

Auto repair related searches rank amongst the highest from users searching on their phone. In this day and age, it's imperative that your website be responsive, easy-to-use and fast. Fairway has you covered by building your website mobile-first.

OE Motors Website Mockup
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SEO Focused Website Design & Management

Busy mechanics have excellent websites that rank well on Google. Automotive companies are "need" rather than "want" businesses. This happily means there's a lot of searches for automotive related services. We help rank your website on the top page for all of them.

Designing, Launching, & Growing Your Website

Website development plans that set you up for success and go out and get it for you. We have flexible pricing options for businesses who are simply looking to get online or rebrand their website - as well as those who are looking to GROW through a proven month by month lead-driving growth plan.

The Website

Starting At:

For new or small businesses looking to get online or upgrade their current website.

From Design
1-10 pages
Best for New Businesses
Website Hosting Paid Separately
6 Month Digital Growth Plan
On-Site SEO
Competitor Keyword Research
Landing Page Development
Google Ads Campaign Development
Google Ads Management
Exclusive Discounts With Preferred Local Business Partners


One-Time Setup Fee: $999.95

For small to medium businesses looking to build and grow their online presence and bring leads to their doorstep.

From Design
Launch & After
Unlimited pages
Best for Small/Medium Businesses
Website Hosting Included
6 Month Digital Growth Plan
On-Site SEO
Competitor Keyword Research
Landing Page Development
Google Ads Campaign Development
Google Ads Management
Exclusive Discounts With Preferred Local Business Partners

Start Growing Your Website Today!

Let's talk about your business goals, your project budget, and how we can help your business make a measurable impact on the internet!

“Fairway was great to work with for my new website! They are very responsive and made sure the website is exactly what I needed for my business to thrive!
Emma Smith